Giving Tuesday Is fast approaching and so is our end of the year push.

We are at the end of this year with only 2 months left till the new year.

Giving Tuesday is December 1st this year. Also, during that time is our final push for donations for this year. Now is the time we are collecting donations for the start of the next year and our final expenses of this year. Please help us complete our mission and our goals to help us continue to help our beloved furbabies so we can also help all the others we come in contact with. Since the cold weather is coming, we need the continued support to bring as many cats into warm temperature as possible. Now animal deserves to be left out in the cold.

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Globally Connected by Large Network of followers and supporters

We are here to listen to you and give you the help and advice you need to care for your furbabies.

We may be located in the United States of America but no matter where you are if you can contact us we will be glad to help you out and lead you in the right direction. We love cats and kittens that much. Anything we can do to help out a cat we will do it.

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Find the Perfect Kitty

Find the perfect furbaby. As more cats come into our care they will be listed on the cats page. So feel free to check back often to find the perfect cat or kitten.

Meeting Your Perfect Kitty

We will talk with you to set up a time to come and meet the cat/kitten you have chosen. If it don't work out you will be able to see the other cats/kittens we have availble.

Necessary Paperwork

When you have chosen your perfect companion the comes the paperwork time. You will fill out the adoption/agreement form.

Bringing your new companion home.

Once the paperwork is doone it now time for the fun. You get to take your new cat/kitten home.

Want to help? Become a Volunteer

There are many areas where we need help. Some of them are social media sites, correspondence and even some areas of the organization. Please visit our Volunteer page to find out more.